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Using our Cloud Launchpad

what business problems can be solved?

Cloud Architects offers automated cloud composition on AWS, Azure, and GCP, accelerating your time to market by months. Our Cloud Launchpad uses best-of-breed practices and pre built infrastructure as code templates.

Get Faster to Market

By capitalizing the power and flexibility of our Cloud Launchpad, your business can get its products to market faster, with less risk and lower cost.

  • Full CI/CD integration for infrastructure

Best practice for agile development, meaning continuous integration and delivery all the way through pipeline.

  • Infrastructure as code

With IaC, configuration files are created that contain your infrastructure specifications, making it easier to edit and distribute.

A Paved Path to the Cloud

Our Cloud Launchpad provides consistency and predictability, catapulting your organization’s cloud-native maturity.

  • Backup, recovery and continuity

Secured data both locally and remotely, the ability to restore in the event of disaster, and seamlessly continue operations with either. Its that simple.

  • Security Compliance / Zero trust

Continuous monitoring and evaluation of your system, while requiring all users, whether in or outside the organization’s network, to be authenticated, authorized, and continuously validated for security configuration.

Safe and Secure Workspace

Our Cloud Launchpad provides responsive, predictive compliance while allowing your team to perform seamlessly.

  • Autonomy

Freedom to work as you see fit.

  • Blast Radius Control

Measure and anticipate potential security events.

  • Reduces external Threats

Further ensuring security compliance is met

How it works

One-Day Deployment Launchpad


We advise you on all available solutions and suggest which add more value


Based on assessment findings, cloud and tools are selected to run your VDI


VDI is deployed in a matter of minutes

What is One-Day Deployment Launchpad

Cloud Launchpad is an automated deployment solution to help businesses quickly and easily launch, iterate, and scale their cloudnative applications. It provides a range of tools and services to help create and manage cloud infrastructure. We are not only cloud agnostic; we are tools agnostic as well. We provide value rather than tools or technology to our customers.

Our Launchpads

Compared to the standard application lifecycle, deployment times can be accelerated by 10x and costs can be reduced by 75%.

VDI Platform

  • An automated deployment solution built using Terraform and Ansible to deploy VDI to any Cloud using your choice of technology


  • Security is first and foremost for any company or educational institution. We have the best SecOps Platform to start or mature your Security Operations and DevSecOps

Cloud-Native Dev

  • All the best-of-breed cloud-native application development, complete refactoring of legacy applications, and greenfield cloud-native software projects are available in one place


  • A fully automated solution to compile, test and deploy your application to any cloud, anywhere.

Serverless Functions

  • Our solution will deploy functions that will run on all, AWS Lambda, Azure function, and GCP Cloud Functions ​

Machine Learning

  • A programming model that simplifies the process of defining and launching distributed machine learning and data pipeline

Data Pipeline

  • A full data pipeline solution compatible with Azure, AWS, and Google

Cloud Launchpads Best Practices

As one of Cloud Architects' key services, Cloud Launchpad uses prescriptive best practices and pre-built infrastructure as code templates.

Reduce Time to Market

Lower the Barrier to Entry

Avoid Costly Refactors

Accelerate Compliance

Reduce the Cloud Learning Curve

You Own the Codebase


Education institutes, financial institutions, and government agencies trust Cloud Architects to build and develop their platforms for secure, high-performance virtual desktops and workstations. Trust us, we are experts!


Media & Entertainment


Game Development


Government & Military

Agnostic Tools

Our thorough application assessment focuses on cloud-native features such as high availability, security, deployment, application readiness, and total cost of ownership (TOC).

Features Case

Our Latest Case Study

For Your Business


Fully Automated DevOps CI/CD pipeline for a software company


We reduced operation costs by 47% and increased peak-season revenue by 390%

Entertainment Art

Multi-Cloud solutions for the Entertainment Arts Faculty

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