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Simplify Your Cloud Migration with Our End-to-End Services

Seamlessly Transfer Your Business Data to the Cloud and Reduce Costs While Improving Accessibility.

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Cloud Migration Services

Encourage collaboration, protect your data from cyberattacks, and optimize the cost and performance of your IT operations by moving your workloads off-premises.

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Every cloud migration need, covered

With end-to-end cloud migration services, we care about every aspect of your experience with the cloud — from deciding which apps to migrate to validating the consistency of migrated information — to let you securely access business data from anywhere, anytime, and at lower costs.

Best-fit cloud deployment models


For quick migration to cloud computing with unlimited scalability, low upfront costs, and guaranteed maintenance.

Distributed cloud

For targeting location-dependent use cases with no latency issues and minimized risk of downtime.


For even higher scalability with no vendor lock-in and the ability to easily meet emerging IT needs branching out to different cloud providers.


For more flexibility and the possibility for the data and apps to move freely between on- and off-premises environments.

Private cloud

For unmatched security, total control over your apps and data, and wider opportunities for personalization and customization.



A proven approach for fast and risk-free cloud migration


We assess your workloads and network architecture, security concerns, and compliance requirements, as well as analyze the motives that drive your move to the cloud to develop a strategy for fast and risk-free migration.


We continuously monitor and optimize your cloud environment and adjust instance usage to let you efficiently run cloud services at minimal costs.


We design a thought-out cloud migration plan for transferring your apps, databases, and other components of your on-premises infrastructure to the optimum cloud environment.


We cater for your cloud infrastructure on a managed services basis to make sure it is high-performing, scalable, and secure.


We transfer your workloads and carry out migration testing to make sure no data gets lost during migration and the new environment handles the load correctly.


Education institutes, financial institutions, and government agencies trust Cloud Architects to build and develop their platforms for secure, high-performance virtual desktops and workstations. Trust us, we are experts!

Credit Unions

Media & Entertainment




Retail & E-Commerce

Agnostic Tools

Our thorough application assessment focuses on cloud-native features such as high availability, security, deployment, application readiness, and total cost of ownership (TOC).

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