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Enhancing Entertainment Arts Education with High-Performance Cloud Architecture

Discover How Our Cloud Experts Created a Multi-Cloud Solution for High-Graphic Compute Systems, Ensuring Seamless Accessibility and Fail-Safe Transition for Our Entertainment Arts Faculty Client.

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Multi-Cloud Solutions for the Entertainment Arts Faculty

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Kwantlen Polytechnic University


Cloud Platform and Migration
Cloud-Native Development
Security and DevSecOps




Cloud: AWS | Azure | Google
Infrastructure as Code and Launchpad: Terraform | Ansible
IaaC: Teradici | RDS | Citrix

The Project

Providing Kwantlen Polytechnic University at Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU). This Digital transformation project included cloud adoption and full cost optimization to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) and improve the student and faculty experience.

Project Duration

The total project
duration was
Three months.


Current State Analysis | Solution Design
Scalability/Redundancy | Cost Analysis
Proof of Concept

The Challenge

The Entertainment Arts faculty found themselves struggling with the expense of running their graphic and 3D systems for their students, their coursework and their internal processes. The cost of running a GPU VDI environment (Graphical Processing Unit, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) in an on premises environment (Hosted Solution) was proving to be expensive. Even if they went on a single cloud platform, their costs were still too high to meet acceptance criteria.

Our Solution

Cloud Architect Experts design that includes high graphic intensive compute systems, hosted in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform and accessed using a virtual desktop infrastructure.

As a fail safe, Cloud Architect Experts implemented a second cloud platform, Microsoft Azure, to keep users up and running in milliseconds of transition if the AWS environment has delays in allocating the compute power needed, for whatever reason.

Value Delivered

This design allows our large universities to reduce the per-user costs by up to 65%, and by at least 10% if redundancy is utilized. In addition, the solution, with its inherent automation tools (Terraform and Ansible), has reduced the management overhead costs, and provided:


The flexibility of multi-tenant environments


Simplified Total Cost of Ownership


Enhanced security and optimized performance


Reduced application down time

The Result

1. Three large universities now can host the GPU enabled VDI in AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform.
2. The TCO has been reduced to acceptable levels
3. User experience has improved



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