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Cut Costs and Improve Performance with Cloud Architects' GPU VDI Hosted in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform

Achieve high performance with Cloud Architects' cloud-based GPU VDI. Cut costs associated with running on-premises GPU VDI environments. Access cloud-based solutions hosted in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform for increased flexibility and scalability.

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VDI Solutions will reduce TCO and improve User Experience

We provide cloud-agnostic architecture for the educational sector who needs Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with GPUs.

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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Solutions

AEC or M&E spaces tend to find themselves struggling with the expense of running their graphic and 3D systems for their students, their coursework and their internal processes. The cost of running a GPU VDI environment (Graphical Processing Unit, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) in an on-premises environment (Hosted Solution) is proving to be both expensive and unsustainable. Cloud Architects creates unique solution designs that include high graphic intensive compute systems, hosted in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform and accessed using a virtual desktop infrastructure.

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One-Day Deployment Launchpad



We advise you on all available solutions and suggest which add more value.



Based on assessment findings, cloud and tools are selected to run your VDI.



VDI is deployed in a matter of minutes.



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Education institutes, financial institutions, and government agencies trust Cloud Architects to build and develop their platforms for secure, high-performance virtual desktops and workstations. Trust us, we are experts!


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Agnostic Tools

Our thorough application assessment focuses on cloud-native features such as high availability, security, deployment, application readiness, and total cost of ownership (TOC).

One-Day Deployment Launchpad

An automated deployment solution built using Terraform and Ansible to deploy VDI to any Cloud using your choice of technology. This could mean many options such as Citrix, Teradici, Remote Desktop Services, Azure Virtual Desktop, and AWS Nimble Studio. We are not only cloud agnostic; we are tools agnostic as well. We provide value rather than tools or technology, or cloud services to our customers.

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