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Cloud computing underpins the global economy, from global supply chains to remote workers, and in 2021 the coronavirus pandemic will remain an important target for organizations seeking scalability, business continuity, and cost-efficiency. By 2021, experts predict that

We all know that DevOps has taken a center stage in the world of software development and every company today is embracing this path to achieve zero-touch automation and win in the game called competition. DevOps is

With the ever-increasing cloud-native adoption, we see a lot of new concepts that help organizations to build and deliver high-quality software with speed. One such new emerging concept is GitOps, which employs DevOps best practices and enables us

The IT industry has gone through a significant transformation over the past decade. The companies have started embracing the DevOps approach, cloud-native technologies/tools, monolithic applications getting redesigned into microservices, etc. While adopting microservices has its own advantages,

We can observe that the need for intelligent security solutions has risen dramatically over recent years. This is because organizations are more concerned about their cloud security, data protection, and privacy, and they want to make sure

The adoption of cloud computing has transformed the way businesses operate and manage their IT infrastructure. With the cloud, companies can access IT resources on-demand and at a lower cost compared to traditional on-premise solutions. However, businesses

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