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Modernizing cloud applications is the ultimate risk management strategy when it comes to E-commerce platforms

Positive customer experience is at the heart of every E-commerce platform’s business strategy. Running an outdated system can compromise online retailers’ ability to offer the best online shopping experience to their customers, especially during the holiday shopping rush.

Cloud application modernization is an ultimate risk management strategy that E-commerce platforms can quickly implement to scale up their system for the peak season.

Cloud Application Modernization to Gear Up for the Holiday E-commerce Rush

The Covid-19 pandemic manifested a shift in consumer behaviour, making online shopping the new default for most shoppers. In the U.S., E-commerce sales in 2021 witnessed a significant increase of 50.5% from 2019, and by 14.2% from 2020 (Source). With the growing online interactions between consumers and businesses, e-commerce retailers need to re-evaluate their IT infrastructure to ensure the demand and customer expectations are met, especially when the holiday shopping season is fast approaching.

The holiday shopping season is a critical time for online retailers to make profits. Brands are expected to deliver a seamless shopping experience from product browsing to order fulfillment. With a sudden surge in website traffic, E-commerce platforms often experience excessive server load, slow load times, or website crash with an outdated system. This can negatively impact conversion rates and sales revenue.

Therefore, it is a strategic move for E-commerce platform owners to plan for the upcoming peak shopping seasons. For retailers with outdated IT systems can start from nothing by implementing a new application or platform. However, this approach raises the question of timely delivery and cost-effectiveness. Rather than starting from nothing, online retailers can modernize their current applications for better scalability, improved performance, and cost savings.

Benefits of Cloud Application Modernization 

Accelerated Time-to-Market 

Modernizing existing cloud applications provides the needed capacity without an exponential increase in resources and time commitment. This approach allows faster time to market, making it the ultimate solution for E-commerce retailers who want to scale up in time for the peak season.  

Enhanced performance  

Modernized applications come with an upgrade in performance and speed, providing businesses with the bandwidth to handle massive website traffic spikes during peak seasons. They also act as a risk mitigation strategy to prevent an E-commerce outage. Every minute of downtime can cost businesses up to millions in lost revenues, not to mention tarnished brand reputation and lost customer trust.  


Customer demand and website traffic on E-commerce platforms fluctuate by season. By modernizing their applications, E-commerce retailers can easily scale up or down their capacity and resources on an as-needed basis to match the changing demand. 

Robust Security 

Obsolete applications expose E-commerce platforms to security threats that put the organizational reputation and customer safety at stake. Application modernization is a risk mitigation strategy that every online retailer should implement to meet modern security standards and updated authentication methods. Not only does this protect the business but it also protects the end-point users.

Cost Saving 

Incremental improvement through cloud application modernization is an economic solution for online retailers who are already on the Cloud but wish to keep up with the evolving technology stacks. Such improvement can be done by updating built-in features such as task automation, backups, security, and performance monitoring. Meanwhile, implementing a brand-new application can be extremely costly and comes with organizational disruptions.  

Application modernization is not just a low-risk strategy to build a competitive advantage. It has become a necessity for E-commerce platforms to deliver the best customer experience, create value from the current IT infrastructure, and keep up with the ever-changing technology stacks. The improvement is incremental, but the value driven from it is exponential. 

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